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Industrial Oil Purification Systems

Industrial Oil Purification Systems

Oil purification systems are designed & manufactured to suit the specific requirement of the customer. Normally the oil is deteriorated by contamination of foreign particles, moisture (free & dissolved), oxidation sludge etc. The deteriorated oil affects the performance of the equipment in which it is used because of change in properties. Different modules are designed to remove particular types of contaminations. The purification system normally consists of filtration / purification stages for economical operation. In pre filtration stage coarse particles are removed using cleanable / washable elements. In intermediate stage the major portion of the contaminants removed by using the properly selected filter elements suitable for oil to be purified. In final stage the fine contaminants are removed by special elements to suit the final application and purification level. The free moisture removal is carried out either by gravity separation methods such as spirafuge, centrifuge or by using coalescer elements. Dissolved moisture is removed partially by coalescer elements and finally by vacuum treatment. Following modules are used frequently in oil purification systems:


  • Strainers : with suitable size perforated or wire mesh element are used to remove major portion of suspended particles.

  • Magnetic Filters / Separators : These are used to remove magnetic impurities. These are used especially to filter the cutting oil / coolant where the magnetic dirt contaminate oil during processes such as grinding, honing, reaming etc.

  • Spirafuge:These are used to remove free moisture and coarse suspended particles from oils. In these the oil is given the spiral path around the filter strainer so that vortex is formed at the bottom so that heavier particles and water are collected at the bottom and can be removed periodically by opening drain valve. The dirt is collected on the surface of the central filter element which is carried by the oil to bottom when drain valve is opened so the filter is cleaned without opening the filter chamber.


  • 1.Coalescer Filter / Separator: These filters remove free as well as emulsified water from the oil. Depending on the type of oil water can be removed to < 50 โ€“ 100 ppm. The dictionary definition of coalescence is "To grow together; to unite into one body or mass." As applied to the technology of oil water separation, coalescence is usually accomplished by a first stage of fibrous media that allows oil to pass through but attracts and "stores" the emulsified water until these tiny particles unite, or coalesce, to become large droplets of water. This free water is then released to a second stage utilizing a water repellant media. It will be provided with water drain tank, for removal of separated water periodically. Pressure gauge will be provided to indicate the clogging of filter.

  • 2.Fine Filter Elements: These are used to remove magnetic impurities. These are used especially to filter the cutting oil / coolant where the magnetic dirt contaminate oil during processes such as grinding, honing, reaming etc.

  • 3.Centrifugal Filter :In centrifugal Filter oil passes through a rotor spinning at high speed so that particles in the oil are deposited on the inner wall of rotor to form a dense cake. It is particularly more suitable for permanent fitting on the oil tank. It has more dirt holding capacity as compared to normal depth filter of fine micron rating. Centrifugal separation is most suitable way to remove small hard metallic particles.

OIL CIRCULATION SYSTEM: It is required to circulate the oil during filtration process. Normally it is with oil circulation pump or pumps with necessary valves and piping for easy operation and maintenance.


Material of Construction: M.S. plates, bars, structurals etc

  • Varnish Tank Capacity: 50 - 80% of Impregnation chamber.
  • Will be provided with: Level Indicator, Motorised Stirrer, TIC to indicate and control the varnish temperature, Return Line Filter to prevent entry of impurities carried away from impregnation chamber to storage tank and suitable drain. Silica Gel Breather will also be provided to prevent absorption of atmospheric moisture.


  • Type: Rotary Oil sealed Vacuum Pump or Roots โ€“ Rotary combination.
  • Capacity (free air displacement): 50 LPM to 1600 MแตŒ/hr.
  • Ultimate Vacuum with G. B. Closed - 0.005 torr to 0.0001 torr.
  • Make: Indowoosung, Everest, Doftel or reputed Make
  • Working Vacuum โ€“ 0.1 / 1 / 10 / 50 torr
  • Condenser: Water-cooled. (Water cooling system optional)


  • Type: Piston Type
  • Free air displacement: 10 CFM
  • Working Pressure: 4 Kgf/cm2
  • Make: Reputed make
  • In case of low vacuum/pressure impregnation, combined vacuum/pressure pump can be used


Interconnecting pipes: M.S. ERW, B Class or SS in case of resin impregnation.

  • Valves: Piston Type (Vacuum tight with O'rings & Nylon wipers) OR Ball valves with Teflon seals ( manual or tuated )/li>
  • Connections: Flanged type with Neoprene O'rings.
  • Operating Platform: M.S. Fabricated suitable for easy plant operation in case

Centralized Control panel for easy and safe operation will be provided along with necessary gauges and controls.


FLOW RATE LPH 240 500 750 1500
OUTLET HP 0.5 0.5 0.5 1
VACUUM -1 HP 1 1 2 3
NOS x kW 3 x 2 6 x 2 6 x 3 6 x 3
HEATER-2 TOTAL kW - - - 9
HEATER-3 NOS x kW - - - 3 x 3
TOTAL (kW) 6 13 18 27
VACUUM PUMP DISPLACEMENT VACUUM-1 m3/HR 25 - 30 25 - 30 45 65
WATER HANDLING CAPACITY kg/hr 0.25 0.3 - 0.5 0.9 5 1.6


1. indicates the vacuum during final pass of oil.

2. Data subject to change because of continous development.

How to make CBD oil?

CBD is one of the most discussed substances of the last decades, yet only a few people understand what it is and how to use it daily to improve their health. To shed some light on the issue, we decided to write this post for you. Once you read it, you will not have any questions on what CBD oil is and how extracting cannabidiol from cannabis or hemp plants is done.

What is CBD?

First of all, we suggest that you find out what the matter of our discussion would be. CBD is a natural substance that is made of industrial hemp and then processed to become an oil tincture ready for consumption. Earlier, there were studies to confirm CBD only medication effectiveness, but later the researchers found out that CBD oil can be used as a food supplement for humans and pets to improve their quality of living. This is due to the non-psychoactive nature of the substance: CBD Oil extraction method implies that the final product will have no THC which is the component of marijuana responsible for getting the users high. Thus it is known that CBD is safe for human and dog health and will not cause any addiction even in the case of long-term consumption.

What are the CBD oil benefits?

Now let’s make clear what the other benefits of CBD oil are. Below, we list the most important ones:

  • CBD oil serves as a natural pain-killer. We cannot overlook the CBD oil new made feature of killing the pain of various kinds in patients with mental and physical health issues. CBD oil is capable of killing cancer pain, headache, muscle pain, and lessen the stress levels in patients with PTSD and anxiety disorders; 
  • CBD oil is not expensive. You will not need to spend a fortune on a bottle of CBD oil tincture. If you prefer CBD-enriched products, e.g. coffee, cigarettes, vape, etc., they are likely to be expensive though;
  • CBD oil can be used in various forms. If you take CBD for medical purposes, you will be advised to take it in a form of a tincture, while if your aim is just to improve your sleep and overall well-being, you can eat CBD gummies, chocolate, cookies, cereal, and other foods in your dosage;
  • CBD oil is hypoallergenic. Finally, CBD is believed to be a safe product that you can use without the risk of allergy since it is 100% natural. Yet you should adhere to the dosage advised by your doctor to avoid having side effects like sleepiness. To not confuse the amount of your daily dose, consider using a CBD oil dosage calculator.

How is CBD oil made?

Are you excited to find out how this magic oil is made? Let’s take a closer look at the whole process of CBD extraction.

If we are to discuss CBD extraction for a large production, CBD is derived directly from hemp. Then, the crude paste is made of the plants, and after a few rounds of processing, the oil is there. The last production stage implies adding the newly created CBD oil to a carrier oil to make a tincture. As the result of mixing CBD oil with terpenes and carrier oil, we get a broad-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD isolate, which is a cheaper form of CBD, is done through refining from CBD oil. This process is easier and less expensive, which makes CBD isolate more affordable to consumers. CBD isolate is sold as a powder that can be added to dishes while cooking. Also, you can use it to create a home-made CBD oil; however, we advise you to buy CBD oil instead of trying to create it on your own since you can easily mess up the ratio of CBD isolate to a carrier oil, and end up with a suspicious potency tincture. To avoid such an outcome, please do your research to find the best CBD oil for you and buy it online.