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Transformer Oil Filtration Plants

Transformer & Capacitor Manufacturers, Transformer Owners, Electricity Distributors.


Industrial Oil Purification Units

Machine such as presses, rubber proccessing, earth movers, etc, Oil filtration service providers.


Varnishing Machines

All electrical stators, rotor & armature manufacturers, Electrical motor manufacturers


Trickle Impregnation Technique

In today’s competitive world the electrical insulation materials and the processes are viewed with tremendous cost and quality consciousness.


Vacuum / Pressure Impregnation

Vacuum Impregnation Plants and Pressure Impregnation Plants is designed for varnish impregnation to be carried out.


Batch Type Trickle Impregnating

Trickle Varnish Impregnating Machine is suitable for pre-heating, trickling and post heating of stators.The machine is simple and compact in design.

Who We Are

AR Engineering is a company founded by Mr. Arvind Mutalik in 1988, for manufacturing of transformer oil filtration machines. Since then AR Engineering has developed different types of Insulating Oil upgrading systems suitable for in-house and onsite operation.

The plants are suitable for Transformer & Capacitor Manufacturers, Transformer Repairers, Transformer Owners, Oil filtration service providers etc. These plants work on low temperature, high vacuum principle.

What is the importance of oil purification - a short essay example

If you are looking for a short guide on how to write an industrial engineering paper, you found it on this page. Here, we will share the structure of an essay on oil purification’s importance. Below, you can find out what elements should consist in your essay:


This is the opening part of your essay where you need to help your audience to understand what your writing will be about. You can start with an interesting fact, statistical data, etc. to grab the readers’ attention and make them want to read on;

Thesis statement

This is a central thought of your paper that you need to state at the end of the introduction. It can look like: ‘Oil purification is a necessary stage for getting a quality product that can be used in industrial engineering’. This statement is clear, easy to understand, and can be proved if you have enough strong arguments. You can contact a college essay writing service to construct yours;

Body paragraphs

Each body paragraph should contain one argument that supports your thesis statement. Don’t forget to provide the piece of evidence to every argument you state;


Last but not least is the closing part of your paper. Here, you need to restate your introduction without an exact repeating of the thesis statement. Please keep in mind that you cannot give any new facts to support your thesis, just sum up your essay writing.

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